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'Tis Thanksgiving morn 5 AM, and a peaceful time to recollect the NPM&A travels and 'doings' this Fall. School Connections in Newport Beach involved at least 30 therapeutic programs for 1/2 hour 'speed dating' or 'showcasing': Memorial Hermann, an adolescent rehab in...

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Missouri Winter 2011

Awaiting-Clarksville, MO 2011-Nancy P. Masland Awaken, Canada geese flock, honk overhead Fly South, escaping chill and coming snow- Storm brewing, eagles hunker down by cliffs One, hoping for last fish, lands on ice floe. In stillness, no mammal moves, enveloped By...

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FALL Doings: Lots of travel ; A visit to the ‘Top 10’ Boarding Schools Reception was not only informative but also impressive as the schools each took a generic school topic

to present to the sizable group of parents and students. I am recommending that other schools form a coalition and do the same. Arizona is a good 'market' for schools. Westover is planning a trip here as well, though, it is too late for some schools to come before the...

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