As parents, we understand how heart-wrenching it can be to see your child in distress. When families contact us, we recognize their fear and desperation for a solution. Our mission is to provide guidance and support, truly listen and understand their unique needs, and help them find the best options. 

It is complex; we are here to offer our service and expertise if they have exhausted every resource in their community. In our 30-minute complimentary consultation, we tease that out. We ask, 

therapeutic consultation
  1. Is your child/young adult safe?
  2. What are the behaviors? If they have escalated or decreased, please describe them.
  3. What has the family done so far in their community? e.g., individual therapy, group therapy, inpatient (hospitalizations) PHP, IOP, testing. 
  4. What is their child’s level of hopefulness or hopelessness?

What is the family’s stance? We believe in a collaborative approach, where the family’s involvement is crucial. Are they willing to work just as hard as their child? 

Families hire educational and therapeutic placement consultants because they have the knowledge and expertise of the myriad programs throughout the United States. We spend an average of 30% of our time traveling to programs to tour and evaluate. We are independent and work solely for the families who retain our services. 

We value your commitment to helping your child and are here to support you every step of the way. Then, we explain how we work on behalf of the family and describe the different types of interventions available. Examples may be outdoor behavioral health programs, short-term residential programs, therapeutic boarding schools, or residential treatment centers. 

Sometimes, through the initial free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation and after listening to their struggles, we may say wait a minute. Have you had any testing done, such as neuropsych testing? I recently worked with one family whose 10-year-old child was out of control. He was aggressive both at home and at school. He was expelled. He had been hospitalized several times in one year for suicidal ideation. The parents were exhausted, trying to help their child. I recommended a trusted psychologist in their community to test him. The results were a relief. He was on the Autism spectrum. They had a better idea of how to get the appropriate treatment for their child.