2015 was a very busy year for Optimal Edu Options.

Throughout 2015, Gail visited more than 50 programs —- Wilderness, Residential, Therapeutic Boarding Schools as well as Traditional Boarding Schools. In 2015, 11 states were traveled with several visits to Utah, either touring programs or visiting students. Trips included Rhode Island, Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho, Missouri, Baltimore and Massachusetts. Tours of Arizona schools and programs allowed for updated views of these facilities, as well as visiting with students attending the schools.

Ken Rosenblatt, an Independent Contractor and Educational Consultant serving students applying for college, joined Optimal Edu Options in January as am Independent Contractor. His passion is to help students navigate the maze of college admissions. He also specializes in working with students with learning differences.  Like some consultants, Ken visits colleges across the country. In addition to speaking to admissions officers, Ken interviews the disability coordinators whom a student will rely on for critical support once they attend college.

In August Monique Cleary, joined Gail to attend the Wilderness Symposium in Park City, Utah. Monique is attending the School of Irvine for Educational Consulting and will graduate in June of 2016. She will join Gail and Ken as a Gap Year Consultant.

Gail also attended several conferences such as School Connections, and intensive, one-on-one sessions with 20 individual programs, IECA, NATSAP, the Ben Franklin Institute ‘Failure to Launch’ conference in Tempe, Arizona.

Optimal Edu Options was a sponsor of the Arizona Psychological Association Conference. She was also responsible for bringing Internet Addiction expert Dr. Hilarie Cash to Arizona, where she spoke to parents and professionals about the dangers of video, pornography and gaming addiction on the Internet.

Gail accommodated several students by providing proctoring SSAT testing services.

Referrals came from happy families, professionals, educational organizations, and programs. Gail placed students in 20-plus programs and schools. Her clients came from 3 states beyond Arizona with the majority continuing to be from the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Her work with Insurance Advocates and Scholarship organizations such as the Mental Health & Autism Insurance Project, Saving Teens, and Sky’s the Limit, assisted four families with much-needed help with resources. Gail was able to get discounts on various programs. She also provided some pro bono and discounted fees to several families in need.

In August, Gail became a full Professional Member of IECA and is currently working on her Certified Educational Planner certification.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year!

Gail Curran, MS, MBA