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Families who hire an educational consultant often get better service and attention because therapeutic programs are familiar with our services, and we are familiar with those programs. Because of this relationship, we help you move successfully through the process of finding a school or program.

Our clients range from highly motivated students who are bored with school, to those struggling with poor grades, lack of motivation, low attendance, or learning disabilities. Behaviors range from mild self-esteem issues to defiant, oppositional, angry, and aggressive. Some of our clients are emotionally stable while others are depressed, anxious, compulsive, self-injurious, or suicidal. Some have never touched a drug, and others struggle with drugs, alcohol, pornography, Internet, promiscuity and eating issues.

We help families explore:

  • Traditional Boarding Schools
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
  • Wilderness Therapy Programs
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Transitional & Independing Living Programs
  • Young Adult Programs
  • Psychiatric Assessment Settings
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Eating Disorder Programs
  • Therapeutic Day Schools
  • Private Day Schools
  • Summer Camps

Parent Coaching: Parenting is a very challenging job in today’s world. It is much harder to both grow up and parent in our society than it has ever been. A parent coach is a resource just for the parents to help guide and support them through hardships related to parenting their children and young adults. The goal is to keep your family moving forward and to set and keep firm boundaries. Learning to come together as parents and be a “united front” will help your family function healthily. We offer parenting coaching packages to suit your family’s needs.

Family Therapy: Family Therapy is for families with deep-rooted issues in the family system. Everybody plays a part in family dysfunction. Each member must be willing to look at their part and make changes to help the family system grow and thrive. Family Therapy explores the dynamics that are disrupting the overall family system. It’s one of the most healing interventions that can affect everyone in the family system. We offer Family therapy packages to those families who need a more intensive solution.

Life Coaching: Comprehensive, Individualized, Academic, and Independent Living Support Services. We are dedicated to helping students get the most out of their college or personal life experience. Clients receive one-on-one attention from a coach committed to client development and success. Coaches work closely to support clients in achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals.

We are here to help. Please call to speak or complete Take the Next Step form and we will contact you with the information you need.

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