winter and spring travel
  • February: Gail visited Southern Florida program visits
  • March 5: Gail visited Eagle Hill Academy, a boarding school in Hardwick, MA.
  • March 11-13: Gail attended a School Connections workshop in New York City and toured Shrub Oak International School.
  • March 18 and 19: Gail attended the annual Therapeutic Consultant Association (TCA) in Los Angeles, CA. She presented to fellow consultants and interventionists on creating a SWOT Analysis for your practice.
  • March 20 – 23: After the TCA conference, she toured several therapeutic programs in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas and visited some of her clients. Gail also took a short trip to visit Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center in Mississippi.
  • In April, Gail visited The Carpenter’s Shed, a recovery program for adolescent and young adult males in Monroe, Louisianna

Next month, in May, Gail will be attending the annual Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) conference at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut.