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The Growing Use and Abuse of Digital Media by Adolescents and Emerging Adults By Cosette Rae, MSW, LICSW; Alison Takenaka, MA; Johnny Tock, MS, LMHC; and Gail Curran, MS, MBA

We live in an amazing era of high-speed technological discovery. Tech is everywhere we live; in our schools, in our homes and in the hands of millions of youth worldwide. Our children’s dependence on tech now starts before they can walk and talk. For better or worse,...

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A Year in Review – A Snap Shot of Optimal Edu Options in 2015

2015 was a very busy year for Optimal Edu Options. Throughout 2015, Gail visited more than 50 programs ---- Wilderness, Residential, Therapeutic Boarding Schools as well as Traditional Boarding Schools. In 2015, 11 states were traveled with several visits to Utah,...

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Nancy Masland Resigns Practice to Gail Curran

Nancy Masland announced effective January 1, 2015, her resignation as Educational Consultant with NPM & A. "Gail Curran, who has been an excellent partner in the practice will continue to make therapeutic placements and offer options for children, adolescents and...

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