I hope that you are well, feeling the cooler weather, and staying busy but also taking care of yourself.  I wanted to bring to your attention a conference coming to Scottsdale, AZ next month. If you work with or are a parent of a child who has experienced adverse conditions such as childhood trauma, you will be interested in attending. 

This October, a multidisciplinary group of professionals and parents in social work, mental health, education and more, will gather in Scottsdale. They will come together from across North America, and beyond for the 31st annual Conference on Trauma, Attachment, and Wellness.

ATTACh.org is a nonprofit, international coalition of clinicians, professionals, advocates, and families dedicated to helping children and adolescents with attachment disorders who have experienced trauma. ATTACh fosters public awareness and promotes clinical excellence in healing injuries of attachment and trauma.

In furtherance of this mission, ATTACh will host its 31st Annual Conference on October 3-5, 2019. World-renowned experts in trauma and attachment will lead to this dynamic, three-day learning event, which will have an immediate, positive impact on the lives of families both in your area and far beyond it.

I am proud to be on the conference committee and support the conference as an exhibitor.

ATTach 31st Annual Conference