News from Optimal Edu Options 

Greetings! A new year is upon us, and we wanted to share what has been happening at Optimal Edu Options, an educational and therapeutic placement practice service with expertise in mental health services throughout the country. Therapeutic placements include:

  • Outdoor behavioral health.
  • Traditional boarding schools.
  • Therapeutic boarding schools.
  • Residential treatment programs.
  • Young adult independent living programs.
John Cohen LPC

We have a new colleague joining our practice. John Cohen is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and has provided therapeutic services for over 30 years. His career experience includes many years as a wilderness therapist, Clinical Director, psychiatric hospital clinician, and clinician in the juvenile justice system. His years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, and parents have shaped his knowledge and belief in the absolute value of quality planning to solidify the treatment process. In addition, his passion for promoting successful family systems and extensive experience make him an excellent choice for supporting families. John offers parent support, therapy, and life coaching for young adults. 

John specializes in adoption/attachment and has also worked with various behavioral and emotional challenges, including mood disorders, grief, trauma, substance abuse, social struggles, and learning and attention/impulsive disorders. John has a direct communication style and believes in getting to the issue’s core.

DeAnna Granado has worked with Optimal Edu Options since 2020. She excels at helping and supporting families seeking services in Arizona and for therapeutic placements as described above. 

Talk about our traveling to stay “in the know” about various programs and how important that is for families. In March, Gail will attend the Therapeutic Consultants Association (TCA) and spend several days visiting and evaluating several therapeutic programs. One important thing is staying current in programs to find the best match for our clients.

In support of our therapeutic world, we have sponsored the Arizona Psychological Association for the last several years, and last fall was no different.  

Gail will attend The Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children (ATTACh) annual International Conference in Denver, CO, September 12-14, 2024. She proudly serves on their board of directors. The annual International Conference will be held in Denver, CO, September 12-14, 2024.