Deciding to find a therapeutic program that matches your child is rarely an easy path. Although professional treatment might be the best option for everyone involved, it can be difficult emotionally to send your child outside the home. Optimal Edu Options can help you decide whether a treatment program is appropriate and help you find the best option. Here are some factors to consider.

Has communication broken down?

Effective at-home care requires open and honest communication. As a child’s need for treatment increases, this can become more difficult regardless of how much effort parents or guardians put into the relationship. Shutting down and not communicating is an indicator your child is struggling and isolating from needed help. If you can no longer communicate with your child, professional help at a therapeutic program might be considered.

Is your child exhibiting aggressive behaviors?

If your child exhibits aggression, it could be a sign of a serious problem, particularly if they get in trouble frequently at school or if they steal or destroy property. It may become harmful for parents and everyone in the family, causing stress and anxiety. Therapeutic programs such as wilderness, therapeutic boarding, or residential treatment centers are designed to handle more extreme behavior, including aggression.

One of the keys to determining this is that having your child in your home is a threat to themselves, yourself, or others living with you. At that point, getting assistance out of the home may become imperative.

Can you provide comprehensive care?

Children who require comprehensive care often thrive in therapeutic programs where professionals have the opportunity, skills, education, activities, and experience to offer them the help they need. No matter how much you love your child, you probably cannot provide them the holistic treatment they need. The question is not about whether you want to care for your child but whether you have all the tools to provide the care they need.

Optimal Edu Options are experts at helping families in a crisis make progress and heal. Gail Curran, the CEO of Optimal Edu Options, holds the highest designation as a Certified Educational Planner with the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP). Additional professional affiliations include professional memberships with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the Therapeutic Consultants Association (TCA).  

Traveling extensively to evaluate boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and other therapeutic placements throughout the United States is an imperative component of our expertise. If you believe your child might need to spend time in a therapeutic program, reach out to our team – we can help you find the right fit.

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