At Optimal Edu Options, we care about the youth we place in educational programs beyond just their schooling needs. For example, mental health plays a heavy role in education. Poor mental health can often damage a student’s educational journey. Therefore, we often help place students with mental health needs in educational programs suitable for their unique situations, like therapeutic schools.  

Beyond educational issues, untreated behavioral health issues can damage a child’s entire life through adulthood. The last thing we want at Optimal Edu Options is for any child to be unhappy in life. That’s why we’re grateful for organizations like Choose Mental Health

Choose Mental Health is a nonprofit dedicated to raising money and awareness for mental health issues affecting American children. The Department of Health and Human Services says 49.5% of teens will have a mental health disorder at some point in their lives. Anxiety disorders alone occur in about 32% of 13- to 18-year-olds. Behavioral health issues are especially prominent among youth in at-risk situations—half of those in the child welfare system struggle with mental health disorders.  

That’s why Choose Mental Health is such an important organization. They help find treatment for youth experiencing mental health issues, and they advocate for breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. They also provide resources for help on their site: connecting your child with mental health professionals best suited for them, articles on coping techniques, information for getting a child who isn’t improving with typical therapy techniques in a suitable mental health facility, a suicide hotline and more. You can check out the resources on their site here

Choose Mental Health recommends only proven techniques and recommends mental health professionals who use them. The organization doesn’t advocate for therapies and treatment programs with zero evidence. This ensures that you can trust Choose Mental Health as a nonprofit to make a lasting impact and do what’s right with their funding and personnel. 

The organization also has a newsletter you can subscribe to for daily or weekly “hugs” for encouragement and advice on improving mental health. With the resources Choose Mental Health offers, they intend to be your go-to for children’s mental health issues. So whether it’s your child or a friend or family member’s child struggling with their mental health, we highly encourage you to check out how Choose Mental Health can help today. 

If you’re looking for a nonprofit organization to help, we’d highly encourage you to donate to Choose Mental Health. Children’s mental health disorders were already high a few years ago, and the coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated those issues. Suppose we don’t do something to help our children’s mental health. In that case, we’re risking a generation of kids who will grow up with inhibition to their full potential. You can donate here.  

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