Why Choose Us?

Parents Don’t Know Where to Begin

Emotional Behavioral and Learning AssistanceIn times of crisis, parents are often overwhelmed with a barrage of emotions. The confusion and desperation associated with having a struggling teen, young adult or even young child can be extremely trying. Parents may not be aware of the options available, or may not be able to decide on their own what option best meets their situation and the needs of their child. Among the questions, we often hear:

  • How do we know when treatment is necessary?
  • What would be best for our child?
  • Is an intervention needed? What exactly is an intervention?
  • Should we find a residential program?
  • What is a wilderness therapy program? It sounds scary. Is it a real choice?
  • Would an emotional growth or therapeutic boarding school be better?
  • Will insurance cover the expenses?

We are determined, passionate and committed to helping children, adolescents, and young adults realize their potential to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Under the leadership of Gail Curran, Certified Educational Planner, Optimal Edu Options provide guidance, support and expertise to families. We offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to addressing clinical and educational needs in a continuum of care.

The Options are Overwhelming
A student’s individual skills or development may require a unique environment. What makes educational and therapeutic consultants unique is their extensive knowledge of schools and programs throughout the United States. There are hundreds of programs, some reputable and useful – others less so – making it very confusing for parents to make the difficult choice of choosing the best option.

Further, as professional educational consultants, we travel thousands of miles each year visiting, assessing and evaluating hundreds of programs that offer unique therapeutic and academic experiences. Only by conducting such visits can we get a good understanding of a facility’s strengths, therapeutic options, and staff expertise.

Troubled Child or Adult Placement ServicesEvery Student has Unique Needs
What works for one adolescent, young adult or pre-teen may not be appropriate for another. Parents cannot investigate these programs by only reading descriptions over the Internet or relying on friends whose children do not have the same needs. Our in-depth experience and knowledge enable us to recommend an individualized plan of action or ‘roadmap’ for your family and child.

We are Available for the Long-Term
What sets our practice apart is that we do not make suggestions and end our commitment. When we accept an engagement from your family, we are in it for the long haul. We work with others already engaged with you, such as therapists, educators or learning specialists. We communicate with each program and school to evaluate whether and what changes must be made to help your child progress.

We offer an extension of services beyond placement, to coach students, further ensuring their success.

Our Tool Box is Extensive
We have an extensive network of professional relationships with schools, mental health professionals, transport services, insurance and legal advocates.

Helping You Make a Wise Investment
The cost of our services is a fraction of what private programming costs and it can mean the difference between success and wasting your money. You will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a program. You do not want to get it wrong. With our help, you will spend your money wisely. We help you choose the best program; we help you get the full value once you have chosen it, and we there to support you throughout the journey.

Our fees are paid solely by our clients. No fees, commissions or other compensations are ever accepted from a school, or program, assuring impartial recommendations. Objective planning and guidance in school or program selection are of utmost importance. That is why we adhere to Best Practices of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

We accept most Major Credit/Debit Cards.

Please call for our current placement fees.

We can provide information on financial assistance for meeting student/family needs, as well as financing options.

We are here to help. Please call to speak or complete Take the Next Step form and we will contact you with the information you need.