Boarding Schools

Young Adult Strengths and ChallengesMany teens are exceptional students. Some are “twice-gifted”, the term for students with high intelligence and learning or emotional disabilities that interfere with their ability to demonstrate that knowledge. Once those disabilities are addressed, they are capable of outstanding academic work.

We thrive on the challenge of selecting the right boarding school “fit” for your student, and helping him or her master the admissions process. Like traditional consultants, we look at matching your student’s grades and test scores with the admitted “pool” of a particular boarding school. But we do much more:

  • We coordinate with your child’s treatment professionals and school counselors to ensure that boarding school’s are aware of your child’s challenges and demonstrated abilities to rise above them.

We will coach your student in preparing both the “personal” essay and the far more important “hardship” essay. Students use the hardship essay to relate the issues that handicapped their performance, while also making the case that effective intervention and treatment and maturity have created them to be a promising student. The process of writing that essay may not just help the student get admitted to the boarding school of their choice – it may serve as a reaffirmation to the student of his or her success and potential.

We help parents and students prepare for school visits, including interviews with academic and Learning Differences coordinators. These specialists maintain a support structure for students. Such offices vary from a token administrator to programs with huge budgets and staffs. It is not enough to begin boarding school – graduation is the goal, and choosing a boarding school with a supportive program is key.


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